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Car Adventure
Car Adventure
Car Adventure
Car Adventure
Car Adventure
Car Adventure

Car Adventure

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Give your child a toy that is both fun and educational! The Car Adventure play platform will help your child develop skills while having fun.

car adventure

Learning becomes child's play!

We offer you a treasure hunt that combines reflection and fun. If your child loves construction machinery, then he will be delighted by the Car Adventure platform.

This toy is intended to be somewhat different from traditional car circuits. Your child will have to move construction machinery and cars on a circuit strewn with pitfalls. At different stages, he will have to operate a crank to allow the vehicle to continue on its way.

You will understand, it is a game that works:

  • spatial intelligence
  • imagination
  • traction

Your child will enjoy creating scenes which will stimulate their creativity. Hours of play await your little one with the Car Adventure platform.

A 360° educational toy

Presented in the form of a tray, the Car Adventure game can be placed on a table. Your child will be able to play 360° to follow the path of the toupie truck and the toy car.

In addition, its format is specially designed to allow young and old alike to play in complete safety. In addition, it withstands drops very well.

With the Car Adventure platform, everything is designed to stimulate the child

With the proliferation of screens, children too often tend to turn to passive activities such as watching videos.

Thanks to the Car Adventure platform, girls and boys from 2 years old will be able to learn in a fun way without even realizing it.

And with its cheerful colors and rounded shapes, this toy is sure to appeal to all children.

Contents of the box:

  • Car Adventure platform to mount
  • 4 small cars
  • 1 crane
  • 1 magnetic helicopter

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Car Adventure
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