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Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit
Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit
Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit
Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit

Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit

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Playing is an action that makes a child amusing. Beyond distraction, our Educational Dinosaur Circuit develops in him a certain ability and awakens his cognitive faculties.


Games are what young children enjoy so much. They also play a role in raising awareness and developing certain faculties in children.

Moreover, the Educational Dinosaur circuit game does not deviate from this educational race and even beyond. He is qualified to accompany your child in these daily actions.

A quality toy

It is plastic easy to move. The dinosaur placed in the center of the toy allows the child to experience the historical facts of the world of dinosaurs. It is designed in such a way as to allow the child to feel a tourist exploration. A track space is placed forming a curve with a maneuverable train placed on it.

In addition, from a decorative point of view, it is an attractive toy topped with colors, namely green, which symbolizes nature and blue, which develops calm, confidence and intelligence in the child's mind.

Whether you are on the beach, outdoors, on summer vacation etc; your child is always in the possibility of having fun with this game.

Designed for Kids

He does not develop any trait contrary to common sense. Indeed, the material of this toy being plastic does not allow to create damage, that is to say the material that this toy takes is not hurtful and can in no way harm the health of your child. Its weight is reviewed so that every child, even the first age, can have fun. Choose the best for your child, a toy that will awaken his intelligence.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 57 x 32 cm
Delivered with 2 locomotives

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Montessori Educational Dinosaur Circuit
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