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Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape

Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape

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The best way to develop your child's creativity with our Tangram Montessori

It's a great way to develop your child's intelligence and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are also great fun and can inspire your child's creativity.

We have several different card challenges, so your child may find something that interests them. In addition, once he has completed all the challenges, he can start making his own creations.

Bright colors and geometric shapes will keep your child engaged and excited to learn. Don't miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in their education.


Stimulates the whole brain

  • Develop intelligence and train hand-eye coordination
  • Prepare the child for kindergarten.
  • Watch your child's face light up with joy as they complete each challenge
  • Know that you are giving your child a strong start in life, preparing them to succeed in school and beyond.

Recommended by teachers and experts, this educational game develops many abilities in your child.


180 pieces for hours of fulfillment!

With 180 wooden pieces and 24 cards, your little one will have everything they need to create the shapes shown on the cards. The storage box and drawstring storage bag make it easy to keep all the pieces together, so you never have to worry about losing one.

Develop skill and competence

The Tangram Montessori puzzle is a great educational tool for children. It helps develop their geometry skills and allows them to learn shapes and their properties. The puzzle also helps improve fine motor skills, coordination and language skills. The child is thus better equipped to participate in the first tasks of daily life.

Learn self-reliance and discipline

Tangram Montessori puzzles help children learn self-reliance and discipline. By choosing their own activity, they are more likely to be engaged and interested in what they do. It also helps prevent boredom, which can often lead to disruptive behavior.

Promote taking responsibility

The Tangram Montessori puzzle helps promote responsibility by giving children the opportunity to do things themselves. By understanding their own actions and their consequences, children will demonstrate an increased sense of responsibility. It can help them in many areas of life, such as school and relationships.

Stimulate concentration

The child is allowed to choose how to complete the puzzle, which respects the child's pace of development. This allows the child to explore and learn at their own pace. The Tangram Montessori puzzle is also a great way to improve problem solving skills and spatial awareness.

Develop the creative spirit

The Tangram Montessori puzzle is a great way to develop the creative mind. It allows children to use their imagination and creativity to create new shapes and designs with the pieces. It helps develop problem-solving skills and encourages children to be more imaginative and creative.

Improve self-confidence and social integration

The Tangram Montessori puzzle is a great way for children to improve their self-confidence and social integration. It enables children to work as a team and helps them learn to cooperate and communicate with each other.

The product includes:

  • 180 wooden pieces
  • 24 cards
  • 1 storage box
  • 1 drawstring storage bag

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Montessori Tangram Puzzle In Geometric Shape
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