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Teepee for Children

  • $54.90
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Teepee for Children
$54.90 $54.90
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Children's teepee : the best children's tent

Every child deserves to have the comfort and fulfillment they need in this customizable little house loved by all. The child can play, read or Cosplay with his friends inside his child teepee.

Our teepee is available in 2 different sizes:

A unique and special design:

The children's teepee has curtains and front flaps that can be completely closed to provide a secure and independent space for children. The shape of our Indian tent child's teepee can be easily set up inside or outside the house and is ideal for shade in the summer.

A play tent:

Every child will feel comfortable playing their favorite games in their private space with or without their friends. It is the ideal place for children for magical adventures.

Improves children's creativity and imagination:

"Little house" personal to each child, it allows the child to try interior decorations, to organize his belongings and to imagine himself in his future. The little girl will love having her child's teepee to install her dolls and stuffed animals. The little boy will enjoy it with these toys in their special space.

Easy to install:

The assembly of the children's teepee tent is very easy and will not waste your time. Just follow the following steps to set up your tent.
  1. After your purchase, open the children's teepee and put the rope in the hole to attach it.
  2. Join each pair of poles by putting two non-perforated ends into a plastic connector
  3. Cross the joined poles through the fabric seams.
  4. Use the cotton string to lace up the poles while making.
  5. Pass the string successively through the upper holes of the 4 combined poles and then tie them firmly.
  6. Spread the poles to the maximum and you will see the children's teepee tent installed in a stable manner. 

Characteristics of our children's teepee

  • Specially designed for children, the child teepee tent has a height of approximately 1.35 to 1.6 m
  • Color: blue, pink and white
  • Material: Cloth
  • Age: ideal for children from 3 years old
  • Fabrics: Cotton and linen
  • Other features: foldable, children's teepee, children's playhouse.

Do you want to offer the best to your child? Adopt now our children's teepee, the special children's tent, and see how your little one loves it.

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Teepee for Children
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